About Tri-City Alliance

The Tri-City Alliance is a grassroots organization initiated by small businesses and individuals along the LA Metro Expo Line as it runs from downtown LA, through Culver City and on to Santa Monica. By working together, Tri-City Alliance supporters believe that Expo Line can become more than just a commuter train.The Expo Line can become an engine of economic and cultural enhancements for the entire Tri-Cities Region.We hope you will choose to join with us and actively participate in this endeavor.
The Expo Line creates a natural opportunity for alliances between neighborhood businesses and the governments along the Expo route. Working together, as individuals, businesses and government, we can make the Expo Line more than just another light rail project. We can make it an exchange engine benefiting  everyone in the Downtown LA, Culver City and Santa Monica region.
Ultimately this will increase economic growth in our area. More visitors, more shopping by residents and tourists alike equals more dollars for local businesses and greater sales tax revenues. The key is in cooperation and partnerships — bringing people together for the benefit of all

Santa Monica
The epitome of the stereotypical Southern California experience

  • Over 80 thousand residents
  • Beaches surfing and more
  • Historic pier
  • New technology companies
  • 10 million annual tourists

Culver City
A city rich in entertainment industry history

  • 38,000 residents
  • Vibrant new art scene
  • Exciting restaurants
  • Developing Downtown
  • Kirk Douglas Theatre
  • Sony Pictures Studio

Downtown Los Angeles
A hub for the entire Southern California

  • 55,000 residents and 500,000 daily commuters
  • The Staples Center
  • LA Live
  • Disney Performance Hall
  • Farmers Field (soon to be built)
  • 12 million annual tourists

The Tri-City Alliance brings it all together to create greater awareness and ease of access by residents and tourists alike.

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